Forever Home


Here we will show you a gallerie of dogs which stay under our wings and look for a Forever Home.

If you are intrested in adopting one of our protégés, get in touch with us. 

We all are surching a Loving Forever Home


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In 2021 we found together with other Animal Rescuers for 106 animals a home!

In 2022 we found together with Dr. Tookta Wipavee for 118 animals a home!

here you see the Animals who found in 2022 and 2023 in collaboration with Animal Voice Koch Chang a beautiful home. Many through Dr. Tooktas & Mo's Contacts.

2 schildpatt

2 Shildpatt found a home direct from Dr. Tooktas Clinic.


Also Rosso found a home in Switzerland


Rosa found a home in Switzerland.

Lucky Girl

This Girl was very sick and could be cured. She had jaundice. Now she has found a home in Salk Petch.

Hansi&the Girls

Hansi and the Girls have been adopted to a couple with a very big garden. So nice.

2 streetpuppies

2 Streetpuppies found a great home. We are greatful their future is not the street.

2 girls

This 2 little girls found a great home. We are happy for them.


Beautiful cat found a home throw us and is now spayed.


Tiger was also adopted fro AVKG and spayed by us.


The beautiful cat was adopted and spayed by us.

Deang mini

The lovley Girl found a home very fast. We are happy.


The lovley boy found a home. We are happy he has not to go back to the streets.


This wonderful grey cat found a home within one day. Direct from the clinic to a beautiful home.


Beautiful female puppy found a home on Koh Chang with her sisters.


Beautiful female puppy found a home on Koh Chang with her sisters.


Beautiful female puppy found a home on Koh Chang with her sisters.


The stunning puppy found a home in Dan Kao. Very nice.


This beautiful puppy found a home with an other Policeman. We are happy.


Little security just found a nice home with a policeman.


This beautiful streetdog found a home throw Mo. Her name is Kaoh 😉 and she is so lovley.

Red Sis

Also this one found a home mediataed by Tookta and Mo. Both have been spayed/neuterd by AVKG

Red Bro

Red cat found a beautiful home mediated by the dear Tookta.


Beepo had a caraccident. Mo found him on the street. We sent him for his operation to Dr. Kwanchai and operated his legs. Then Michel …


Bailan was in the clinik with Dr. Tookta for care and found direct a nice home.


Beautiful Ruppe we found in the Jungle very sick. Tom fall in love with the little one and adopted her.

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Also little Hunder is from us and found a great Home with Nancy and her lovley Familie.
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