Caroline & Sondre 22

After some months now we finally have the time to write the review for this amazing place. We spent about 2 months living and working here and enjoyed it so much. Thank you to the whole team, especially Agnes and Nancy, who showed us how to connect with the dogs, how to give them medicine, how to walk them, how every dog has its own personality, especially since we didn’t have a lot of experience coming into it. We learned a lot and fell in love with the place and the dogs. we miss the kisses and wake up-cuddles from them and hope they are doing really well!! We felt at home here and it was so amazing to see how the dogs, especially teenagers who were a little shy in the beginning, started to trust us, sleep in our bed and follow us around the house in the end. We miss talking to nancy everyday, she taught us a lot, also how to cook great Pad thai 😀
The atmosphere in the house was always so comfortamble and we could truly see how much everyone involved cares so much for the dogs and always puts them and their well-being first. We will be back one day! <3

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