Felicitas 2023

Animal Welfare Koh Chang

Three words and one sentence are the first that come to mind: Love / Respect / Kindness of heart

and making the impossible possible…

I spent 3 weeks as a volunteer at the Animal Welfare Koh Chang Help Point. During this time I met and was allowed to meet wonderful people and animals.

By living closely with the 21 dogs at the Help Point, I was able to quickly gain the trust and affection of the dogs living there.What can I say. It was a great enrichment in my life to be able to experience this. Especially the handicapped dogs (blind and paralysed) and the sick dogs in quarantine, who were very distant at first but gradually accepted me, touched my heart and soul forever.The care for all four-legged friends on the island of Koh Chang is the top priority of Animal Welfare Koh Chang. I have learned so much from the experienced staff in all areas, whether it was the medical care of the animals or how to deal with the dogs in a pack.I was also deeply impressed by the work with the street dogs that are fed and cared for daily all around the island. In conclusion, I can only say. It will not be the last time I was there.

I can only advise anyone who likes animals, especially dogs, to make such an unforgettable experience for themselves.

It is so life changing because it shows you how important it is to care for those beings here on earth that need help. I am glad that I could be a part of this great project for a short time.

Thank you to all the lovely people of Animal Voice for the wonderful time.

Felicitas Countess von Hochberg

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