Pratik – Streetwork 2024

While volunteering with @animalwelfarekohchang I got the opportunity to work with the street team on a sterilization and vaccination camp in association with the local municipality. The street team is led by an amazing person and co-founder Mo. She is a very friendly and dedicated person who leads her team by being on the front line of animal welfare work, which is on the streets. Working with animals on the street, I can understand how hard it is to keep doing it everyday. Yet everyday you would she her smiling, making jokes and happily welcome anyone who wants to help animals. She also has a wonderful team of strong and dedicated ladies to support her. It was fun to get involved with the team and their work. It is inspiring to see a wonderful woman leading an all women’s team to work on the street with animals. I was welcomed into their team wholeheartedly and I was happy to help them in their endeavour while I was there. I could also learn about the ground realities and the animal welfare scenario of the street animals in Koh Chang and I also got to experience the local cuisine and lifestyle there. Thank you Mo, Nancy, Patt and Rose for welcoming us, making us a part of the team and making sure everyone is well fed while at work😃

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