Quinh & Pratik 2024

This is a long-awaited feedback. I was here the first time in 2022 and came back again with my boyfriend Pratik in March 2024. As a long-term traveler, this project is almost like my wonderwall – I know for sure I will always have a good time here. The work here is much more relaxed than other shelters I have volunteered at, so we have the pleasure to get to know the dogs on a very personal level. The care and standard that Agniezka implements for all the dogs here is well-appreciated by us, and we are grateful to be hosted and work with such a strong-willed character like her. The building/accomodation is one of the best I have seen among Workaway projects – like a hidden gem inside an already heaven-like island of Koh Chang. We also had a chance to join the street team (whose playfulness and hard-working attitude have been a pleasure to interact with) in some sterilization camps and feeding the streeties. I can’t say enough good thing about this place. I surely hope to be back.

Sending hugs to the whole team!

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Macaron we see every day when we feed the dogs. He is a distemper survivor. He came good along on the street till we saw


Marly had tumors in his balls. He was at the Help Point after surgery. Now he is back home. He has an owner. We wish