Samuel & Sina 2024

We had wonderful time at the shelter!
The dogs are well taken care of and they are all so sweet!
We needed to get used to the work the first couple of days, you basically have either a morning/ afternoon shift which includes feeding (&medicine) and walking the dogs and then cleaning up poo! Also you’ll have a to do Night Shifts which is to make sure the dogs are quite. Keep that in mind and also that you’ll be living with them so you might be sleep deprived at times!
The accommodation is beautiful and Koh Chang itself is a lovely island, not too touristy with some lonely beaches!
Thank you again to Agnieszka and Memi!
All the best 🙂

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Macaron we see every day when we feed the dogs. He is a distemper survivor. He came good along on the street till we saw


Marly had tumors in his balls. He was at the Help Point after surgery. Now he is back home. He has an owner. We wish