Luna is the fluffiest and darkest girl in her litter and she’s a funny one too! She has her little mood swings either where she is obsessed with wanting attention or she’s in her own little bubble minding her own business. Luna loves to play with other dogs and run around her enclosure and she […]


Just look at this face!!!!!!!!! Kangy the kangaroooo! She was named after the kangaroo because of her little hops and jumps! When she’s excited she jumps super high and while she runs she hops through the grass. She’s very playful and friendly but you’d have to get to know her first before she’ll play with […]


She is incredibly skittish but it’s easy to gain her trust. She no longer runs away from the better known “hand”. She is a quiet puppy but of course she likes to play among the other puppies. Especially with other dogs and a yellow tennis ball. She like the soft dog bed and having plushie […]


Scruffy is a special dog, she needs a lot of time and calmness. She still is spooked easily by loud noises or movements. She gets along very well with her brothers and her sisters, but Scruffy still needs a lot of socializing with humans. She is a very cute girl but sometimes she looks like […]