Animal LOVE alone is NOT ENOUGH to practice  SUSTAINABLE animal welfare. Collecting abandoned animals and put them in shelters does NOT change the situation on the streets of Koh Chang and Thailand. YOU HAVE TO GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Therefore we invest a lot of energy, time and money in CASTRATIONS and in education. And we do this on an equal footing with the local population, because we need the help and UNDERSTANDING of the locals from Koh Chang. Animal welfare has to be done in a THOUGHTFUL and  SUSTAINABLE way. And this is what WE DO

For us, SPAY/NEUTERING and RETURN is the MOST IMPORTANT TASK when dealing with overall animals protection on Koh Chang.

RABIES and DISTEMPER are very bad diseases which unfortunately STILL EXIST in Thailand. KOH CHANG and the TRAT district have so far been RABIES-FREE. However, it is IMPORTANT to make arrangements to keep it that way.

The ultimate GOAL of vaccination is to ELIMINATE rabies and distemper in Thailand.
Each spayed/neutered ANIMAL is entered in a database. Here you can FOLLOW our STERILIZATIONS.


You can SPAY/NEUTER your animal for FREE in the “KOH CHANG ANIMAL CLINIC” in Klong Prao if you do not have the money for castration. Please make an APPOINTMENT with