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Our goal is clearly defined. We attack the evil at the root and want to neuter as many animals as possible. because it prevents misery before it arises. We are changemakers for animals in need.

We give animals in need a voice!

We are a registered Animal Welfare Organisation in Thailand.
We are animal rights activists and veterinarians who aim to make Koh Chang a better place for animals. All work with full passion for animals. It has nothing to do with a Job. Its also more then a hobby its a way of life. A close cooperation with the authorities and communities is a matter of course for us. We are very grateful for their constant support. 

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Saving Koh Chang's forgotten dogs and cats

While Koh Chang, the second largest island in Thailand, is best known for its beautiful temples, beaches and delicious cuisine, it hides a dark secret. Many stray dogs and cats can be found through out the island’s; streets, beaches, temples, and jungle areas. It is most obvious when following the sunset. After witnessing the massive number of stray animals that can be seen at night, you can better grasp the severity of the situation. This has been brought on by several factors. One being Buddhist practicing the belief of showing love and kindness to every living creature.  Feeding stray animals is a way to practice this. This act of kindness helps dogs and cats survive, but it also causes them to reproduce more successfully. Coupled with very limited inexpensive options for sterilization, countless unwanted puppies are born every year. Due to the lack of medical care, this ever growing  population of unwanted animals become more exposed to and prone to suffer from infectious diseases and parasites.

Koh Chang is home to thousands of stray dogs and cats who suffer from:

  • traffic accidents
  • malnutrition and hunger
  • poisoning
  • abandonment mainly due to “owners” moving away
  • drowning during monsoon season 

Spay/Neutering is the most humane way to control the unwanted animal population.  Animal Welfare Koh Chang has made it their Primary goal to reduce the misery of  these animals by these means. Since Koh Chang is an island, we have  an excellent chance of success.

Help us break through the misery of unwanted street dogs and cats. Donate so that we can spay/neuter as many animals as possible.

From our point of view, if we can control the amount of unwanted animals we can provide better care to all animals, who are not fortunate enough to have a family to love and care for them. This will improve the situation for all of Koh Changs forgotten furry friends!

We thank you for your help and compassion.

Mo Herbier, Thailand & Tanja Siegwart, Switzerland, Founders and the Team of Animal Welfare Koh Chang Organisation

All animal lovers together are Animal Welfare Koh Chang
Together we can be the voice for animals in need!

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