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Here we will show you a gallerie of dogs which stay under our wings and look for a Forever Home.

If you are intrested in adopting one of our protégés, get in touch with us. 

We all are surching a Loving Forever Home



Bailey is a a leisurely good-natured dog. He is about 5.5 years old and just wants to be loved. He goes for a walk, but …


Lovley Watson has been left back. He was struggeling on the streets very very badley. Now he is with us and he is sad. He …


Our Point is the perfect guard dog. He is sweet to people but still he would perfectly guard your property. He gets along with other …


Pluto is the only male and the only brown dog in his litter! He eats the most and of course he’s the biggest one of …


Hromanoska is a middel age Dog that needs a home where she is the prinzess. She loves to be the only one and loves to …


Tom’s start in life wasn’t the best. He was found all alone with his Sister Amelia in the forest. Completely emaciated. When they got here, …


Amelia is just a normal funny puppy. At the beginning she is a bit shy, but if she knows you she will love you. She …


Luna is the fluffiest and darkest girl in her litter and she’s a funny one too! She has her little mood swings either where she …


Just look at this face!!!!!!!!! Kangy the kangaroooo! She was named after the kangaroo because of her little hops and jumps! When she’s excited she …


She is incredibly skittish but it’s easy to gain her trust. She no longer runs away from the better known “hand”. She is a quiet …


Scruffy is a special dog, she needs a lot of time and calmness. She still is spooked easily by loud noises or movements. She gets …

In 2021 we found together with other Animal Rescuers for 106 animals a home!

In 2022 we found together with Dr. Tookta Wipavee for 118 animals a home!

here you see the Animals who found in 2022 and 2023 in collaboration with Animal Voice Koch Chang a beautiful home. Many through Dr. Tooktas & Mo's Contacts.

Puppie adopted

Puppie found a home

Puppie found a home

2 puppies found a home

2 lovley puppies found a very nice home.

4 Kitten adopted

4 Kitten were dumped and found very fast a home. All of them. We are happy about this outcome.

2 Puppies found a home

2 sweet puppies found a home. We are happy for them.

3 Kitten found a home

3 loveley kitten found a home.

4 Kitten found a home

all 4 Kitten found a home.

3 Kitten found a home

This 2 Kitten and an other one found a home. We are happy for all three of them.

Black Panter

Lovley black Panter found a home.

2 puppies found a home

Again 2 puppies found a home and dont have to become street dogs. We are happy

2 puppies found a home

Well this 2 puppies can be happy to get a nice home.

Little Kitty adopted

So nice for the little Kitten. Wendy a big animal lover adopted her.

Kitty found a home

and also Tigers friend found a lovley home.

Lovley Tiger

Thank to Dr Tooktas good connections the lovley tiger and his budy found a great home.

2 Puppies find a home

3 cats found a home

We are very happy that all three can go together to a friend of us.

Sweet puppie found a home

Lovley puppy found a home

2 black and white Kitten

We are happy that now also 2 black kitten found a great home. So nice.

2 Kitties

this lovley 2 kitten found a home. We are very happy for them.

Lovley Puppy Girl

I am happy because i found a great loving home.

Mama and the kitty found a home

the lovley mama and her baby found a home in Bang Bao. we are very happy.

Sweet kitten

Stunning Kitten found a home direct from the clinic of Dr. Tookta.

Jojo found a great home in Amsterdam

Our lovley Jojo that did not wanted to go back to his old home (he showed it so much when we brought him home) after …

2 Kitten adopted

2 absolutley stunning kitten found a home. Thanks to Mo and Dr. Tookta

4 Kitten found a home

We were lucky again and 4 little kitten found a home direct from Dr. Tooktas clinic.

Jamie found a home in Switzerland

Our Jamie (new name) found a lovley home in Switzerland. He got the Jackpot and we are happy about it.

3 Kitten found a home

We are happy that all 3 Kitten found a home.


the lovley Kitten find a home. So nice. Stay healthy and take care little sweetie.

Bailey found a loving home in Switzerland

His new name is Bailey now. He found a great home in Switzerland. We are so so happy about it.


also this lovley boy found a home. So nice.

2 Kitten found a forever home

we are absolutley happy this 2 sweeties found a forever home

2 forest-puppies found a home

2 puppies we found in the forest found a home. We will spay and fully vaccinate them later and are happy they dont have to …

2 Kitten finde a home together

We are very happy that 2 Kitten found together a home. Just great.

1 Kitten found a home

We are happy that the first Kitten found a home. Well done Dr. Tookta.


The lovley Puppy found a home. Thank you Mo.

5 Puppies found a home

We are very relifed that all 5 puppies could find a home.

3 puppies

3 puppies found a home together far away of everything. So nice.

Re homed

Also this beauty could be rehomed by Dr. Tookta. Just great.

Re home

We are absolutley happy that the 2 dogs could be rehomed by Dr. Tookta.


Little Kala moved today in her Forever Home. We are happy for her. She had a bad leg as a little puppy. Now all is …

Cat found a home

Lovley cat

The lovley cat found a home. We are just happy.

Strawy and her sister

Strawy and her sister found a great home with Nancy & her familie

One more puppy from the cambodia camp also find a home

We are very happy that one more of the cambodia camp found a home. The onwerfamilie is also relifed.

4 Puppies found a home

We and the familie that got the puppies are very happy that 4 further puppies found a home.

2 Puppies

2 Puppies found a home in Koh Chang. Just great.


Lovley cat found a home. Good luck littel sweety.

Forest Puppy 3

Lovley Puppie has been adopted. We are very happy.

2 Forest Puppies

2 Puppies found a lovley home.

2 Kitten

2 Kitten have been adopted. We are happy for them.


Lovley had a broken leg as a puppy. Now he found a home and his legs is back to normal. We are more than happy …

Forest Puppy

The cute puppy was found all alone in the forest. Now we could find a home thanks to Mo. Good luck litte beauty.

Puppie Girl 2

Sweet little puppy found a home after beeing with Mo for fostering.

Puppy Girl

Lovley Puppy-Girl found a home after Mo was fostering her.

2 Kitties

2 Kitten found a home diectly from the clinic. Just great.

2 Kitten

2 Kitten found a home directly from Dr. Tooktas clinic.

Puppy Girl

Puppy Girl found a home. Thank you Mo for fostering.


Little cute kitten has found a home with someone that our vet. knows very well.


The absolute lovley kitty found a great home. Maximus lifes also there. We are so happy. Well done Dr. Tookta!!!!

Kitty 3

We are happy again a lovley kitty found a home.

Kitty 2

Sweet Kitty found a great home.

Kitty 1

Sweet Kitty found a great home. Thank you Dr. Tookta.

2 Puppies

2 Puppies found a loveley home!

Lucky Kitty

The kitty that had a big accident and an operation found a absolutley great home.


This littel kitty got adopted by a policeofficer. We are happy.


This lovley Schildpatt found a home. So nice.

2 lovley Kitten

2 Kitties found a home.

2 wonderful Kitten

2 beautiful Kitten found a lovley home. We hare happy.

2 Kitten

Lovley 2 Kiten found a home.

2 beautiful Kitten

This 2 beautiful cats found a great familiy.

2 Cats

Lovley 2 adult Cats found a home. Great.

white Kitty 2

And also the second was so lucky.

white Kitty

Happy happy happy that this lovley Kitty found a home


Brady is a special case for us. He was the only surviver from a litter of cats that have been killed by a monkey. But …

Kitty 2

Beautiful Kitten found a home direkt from Dr. Tookta

2 Kitten

2 stunning Kitten found a home. We are extrealy happy.


Sweet kitty found a home directly from the clinik.

2 Puppies

2 Puppies found a lovley home with a familie our rescuer know well.


The beautyful Kitty found a home. Yes this is very nice.

Pupp 2

And the second one can also move in. Just great.

Pupp 1

The lovley puppie found a nice home with his brother. We are thankful.


Maximus found right from the Clinic a lovley forever home.

2 Tigers

2 kitten are adopted direct from the clinic from Dr. Tookta.


Direct from the clinic in a new home. Lovley cat.

5 cats

2 Girls and 1 Boy and the Mama (spayed now) found a home. It makes us very happy!

2 Kitten red

2 lovley kitten are adopted. We are happy and spay them of course.


This beautiful cat found very fast a home! We are not surprised!

2 Cats WSB

these 2 lovley cats have been adopted to a nice lady in White Sand beach.


Pipplotti was in such a bad shape. Good care and now she become very beautiful. She found a nice home.


Emma found a home in Switzerland by a very closed and good Friend and Sponsor of us! Emma had a long way to go and …

4 Kitten

4 lovley Kitten found a home far away from the street. Perfect!

Grey kitten

2 Kitten found directly from the clinik from Dr. Tookta a home. Yes, we are happy!


Also this sweety found a home direct from the clinic.

2 kitten

The 2 found together a lovley home.


Found a new home. Jupii.


Sweeties got a home directly from the clinic. Great.


The lovley puppy is adopted. We wish im a grat life.


Tiger found a home direct from the clinc.

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Also little Hunder is from us and found a great Home with Nancy and her lovley Familie.
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