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As a volunteer, you go to the hand of our animals rights activists and help them manage everyday life with injured and sick dogs. You go for walks with dogs, socialize them and, after consultation, do everyday tasks that arise.

They need you!

Important: As a volunteer you need private health and accident insurance!

Feedback from Sharonne 2024

I had three fantastic weeks with the team. They are deeply benevolent people and committed to the project. Everything is well-organized, the house is beautiful and clean, and they lend us scooters (with a little lesson beforehand if necessary, haha), which is very convenient for exploring the beautiful island of Koh Chang. I miss all the dogs so much !!
It’s my best Workaway experience so far, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you for everything ❤️

Feedback from Samuel & Sina 2024

We had wonderful time at the shelter!
The dogs are well taken care of and they are all so sweet!
We needed to get used to the work the first couple of days, you basically have either a morning/ afternoon shift which includes feeding (&medicine) and walking the dogs and then cleaning up poo! Also you’ll have a to do Night Shifts which is to make sure the dogs are quite. Keep that in mind and also that you’ll be living with them so you might be sleep deprived at times!
The accommodation is beautiful and Koh Chang itself is a lovely island, not too touristy with some lonely beaches!
Thank you again to Agnieszka and Memi!
All the best 🙂

Feedback from Caroline 2024

I spent a month volunteering in Koh Chang, and it was a great experience. I really enjoyed helping and living with all the lovely dogs. The whole team takes very good care of  them. The dogs are definitely the focus, what i really liked. I spent most of the time at the point, which included the tasks of feeding and walking the dogs, socializing, training, giving medication, medical baths and much more. I also had the opportunity to help at the castration project and join the street team who are doing an incredible job! It was a great opportunity to expand my experience and have an amazing time with the dogs!

Feedback from Maria 2023

I had an amazing time here. Agnieszka and her team are doing a great job. It’s nice to see how well they treat the dogs. The rooms are all clean and with air conditioning. You are provided with a scooter, which you also need because the accommodation is a bit outside. I loved spending 3 weeks here and would have liked to stay longer. The local women even taught us how to cook Pad Thai. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute here. I really enjoyed my time here and come back as soon as possible. 😊🙏🏽

Feedback from Florence 2023

I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at the place. The three weeks I was there flew by in a heartbeat!
It was an experience I will cherish forever. Working with Agnesa and the dogs was both rewarding and eye-opening, and it left a lasting impression on me.

From the moment I arrived at the place, I could sense the dedication and passion that Agnesa and her team have for the welfare of these dogs. Agnesa is a remarkable lady, easy-going and always eager to share her knowledge and insights into dog behaviour and care. Her expertise in the field is evident, and she creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for volunteers.

The time I spent at the place were not without their challenges, it was however incredibly rewarding. I learnt so much about dog behaviour, training, and the importance of patience and compassion when working with these beautiful animals.

Saying goodbye to the dogs and the community wasn’t easy, but it’s also filled me with anticipation for my return. I can’t wait to come back and continue my work with Agnesa and the dogs. This experience has not only deepened my understanding of doggie welfare but has also touched my heart in a profound way.

This is more than just a rescue center; it’s a place of learning, love, and transformation for both dogs and humans. I wholeheartedly recommend volunteering at the place to anyone who has a passion for animals and a desire to make a positive impact in their lives. My time there was truly unforgettable, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible journey.

See you soon Agnesa and the doggies!

Lots of love

Feedback from Mert 2023

One of the most fulfilling experience I had was working here. Agnieszka is such an amazing and kind woman. She has so much love to give and she really cares about all those dogs there.
If you love dogs work is not even a work. Main thing we did was feeding them at 8am and 5pm everyday. The pills are really important and given at the same time. Other than that cleaning the area, which is easy and walking with them if the weather is good and of course spending time with them which is the most fun thing.
If you love dogs or someone who wants to experience pure love, volunteering here would be amazing for you. Koh Chang is such an amazing island too that offers way too many different options.
Lots of love to Agnieszka and all the dogs there!! 🥹💞

Feedback from Kata 2023

A job that gives you the most when you put In all your effort!
After getting used to the dogs ( wich can be overwhelming), work style and the place I really enjoyed my stay. Great accomodation, With private very modern rooms, and well equipted kitchen provided. Not the most budget friendly option as you pay for food and gasoline, In comparison to other places, but Still 100% worth it. It depends on what you are looking for. This place is for people who want to give to those who need all the love In their life. And the dogs appriciate that and make your days filled With joy.
They are amazing and loving, I have learned a lot.
Agneska the host is also very helpful, and pays attention to workawayers needs, you just have to talk, becasue She is super busy doing the best She can for the dogs.
The island is also amazing.
Be prepeared for responsible work.
Thank you for the opportunity wich made my life greater!

Feedback from Estrella 2023

My time is one I will cherish forever. The place is extremely clean and detail oriented, the workers are super focused on helping the dogs and making their stay as peaceful and enjoyable as possible. The work is demanding but extremely fulfilling. I can’t wait to visit again and see those happy happy dogs!

Feedback from Mirjam 2023

I had a wonderful and intense time in Ko Chang at the place together with Agnieszka, Pha and the other volunteers. The beginning was quite tough due to sick team-members, which meant that i felt like i had to be a full team-member immediately. For me it took around a week until i got totally confident with the circumstances. But then i loved everything about the volunteering. Walk the dogs, feeding, playing, cuddle and brush the doggies, supporting and watching Agnieszka with wound care and showers for the dogs….
So if you have a heart for dogs and want to take this challenge (for me it was one but everyone is different), then this very well organised place is perfect for you! Remember: A few doggies need time to gain your trust, which is totally okay!
I spent 4 weeks there in April 2023 and I miss it very much. I can totally stand behind this organisation. Agnieszka, you do your job with all your heart and I’m thankful for the time i could spend with you and in this place. 🙂

Feedback from Monica 2023

This has been my first volunteer and a wonderful experience. Agnieszka is very professional and has a passion for animals that is contagious. I learned a lot from her and from her team. I felt very welcome upon arrival, to feel comfortable during my stay and to learn to do the job safely and with confidence. It is very well organized.
I shared fun moments with this small family/team and the volunteers we were with.
I think it is a place to live a unique learning experience, share the passion for dogs and have the opportunity to contribute something to this necessary and lovely project.
In my free time, I had free motorbike from the shelter to enjoy the amazing island of Koh Chang.
I will definitely repeat if I have the opportunity to return to Thailand! I miss the dogs!

Feedback from Felicitas 2023

Animal Voice Koh Chang
Three words and one sentence are the first that come to mind:
Kindness of heart
and making the impossible possible…

I spent 3 weeks as a volunteer at the Animal Voice Koh Chang Help Point.
During this time I met and was allowed to meet wonderful people and animals.

By living closely with the 21 dogs at the Help Point, I was able to quickly gain the trust and affection of the dogs living there.

What can I say. It was a great enrichment in my life to be able to experience this. Especially the handicapped dogs (blind and paralysed) and the sick dogs in quarantine, who were very distant at first but gradually accepted me, touched my heart and soul forever.The care for all four-legged friends on the island of Koh Chang is the top priority of Animal Voice Koh Chang.

I have learned so much from the experienced staff in all areas, whether it was the medical care of the animals or how to deal with the dogs in a pack.

I was also deeply impressed by the work with the street dogs that are fed and cared for daily all around the island. In conclusion, I can only say.
It will not be the last time I was there.

I can only advise anyone who likes animals, especially dogs, to make such an unforgettable experience for themselves.
It is so life changing because it shows you how important it is to care for those beings here on earth that need help.
I am glad that I could be a part of this great project for a short time.

Thank you to all the lovely people of Animal Voice for the wonderful time.

Felicitas Countess von Hochberg

Feedback from Julien, Pauline & Gaby 2023

Au revoir Koh Chang! 1 mois resté sur cette ile au sud de la Thailande. Nous avons travaillé a Animal Voice Koh Chang en tant que volutaires, nous avons également fair und vidéo pour presenter les action de cette organisation. Und très belle expérience! Gaby n’a pas pu trop se mélager avec les autres chiens mais nous avons profité d’elle et des paysages lors de notre temps libre. 

Feedback from Pascal 2023

Pascal the one where the cat person spends 30 days and sleepless nights sorrounded by dogs. R.I.P. to basically all of my underwear – stolen and ripped into pieces. 😉

Thank you Animal Voice Koh Chang for welcoming me to the family, teaching and trusting me. Your dedication, hard work and love for the dogs is unmatched. 

I had an amazing time with amazing peole and the sweetest dogs. I will miss them a lot!
Khoo Khun Kah & Sawadee Kah <3 

Feedback from Matthew & Luana 2022

We stayed here for 3 weeks and we loved it! Our daily task were feeding the dogs, walking them and giving them their medication. The dogs are super cute and the staff are very helpful and kind. The place is located in a really nice spot in the middle of the jungle and the accomodation was very clean and comfortable. We would highly recommend the experience to anyone!

Feedback from Diana & Evgenia 2022

I don’t think we have enough words for describing this great and amazing experience of being part of the team. Instead of spending 3 weeks – Evgeniya and I stayed in total for almost 4 months. We are forever grateful for the whole team – for their help, for teaching us everything about the dogs, for their hospitality and in general just for everything!
We both had experience of having a dog, but of course it’s not the same as taking care of 20 dogs at the same time. That was interesting to see how each dog has its own personality, habits, preferences. But one the most heartwarming moment was when the shy dogs started opening up and got closer to us.
We loved this experience, and would’ve stayed even longer, even tho in the end we cried a lot , because we had to say goodbyes to dogs.
Thank you again for our stay at Help Point and for what you are doing! Hope one day we will meet again!

Feedback from Carolina & Sondre 2022

After some months now we finally have the time to write the review for this amazing place. We spent about 2 months living and working here and enjoyed it so much. Thank you to the whole team, especially Agnes and Nancy, who showed us how to connect with the dogs, how to give them medicine, how to walk them, how every dog has its own personality, especially since we didn’t have a lot of experience coming into it. We learned a lot and fell in love with the place and the dogs. we miss the kisses and wake up-cuddles from them and hope they are doing really well!! We felt at home here and it was so amazing to see how the dogs, especially teenagers who were a little shy in the beginning, started to trust us, sleep in our bed and follow us around the house in the end. We miss talking to nancy everyday, she taught us a lot, also how to cook great Pad thai 😀
The atmosphere in the house was always so comfortamble and we could truly see how much everyone involved cares so much for the dogs and always puts them and their well-being first. We will be back one day! <3

Feedback from Emily 2022

Volunteering at Help Point was an emotional and rewarding experience. The accomodations are beautiful and the people and surroundings of Help Point are even better. Working with Agneska and Nancy was inspiring. The love and top-tier care they provide these dogs with is incredible. Whether it’s food, meds, toys or just cuddles and walks, they do it all and pour their heart into their work. They can never do enough for you, and I am forever thankful to them for all their hard work. I learned so much from both of them about staying calm and relaxed, feeding dogs their meds in certain ways, handling different dog behaviours and more. It was amazing to learn about all the dogs different personalities and quirks, being greeted and playing with them each day, and being comforted by their presence on a rainy day. Agneska and Nancy – thank you both for everything. You made my time at Help Point extra special and amazing. I hope to someday come back and hang with everybody again. Until then, I’ll be watching you guys on social media and cheering you on!

Feedback from Claudio & Angela 2022

Finally we find the time to say thank you to the team. We really enjoyed our 3 week stay despite the bad weather. The dogs are all very lovely. Some of them are a bit shy at the beginning but after some walks and a lot of treats they will follow you every where. Some of the dogs need medication also during the night. So be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night. You will be rewarded with a dog who seems to be unbelievably happy about your visit at 2 A.M. We loved to work with Nancy. She is the person to go to with all your questions about the dogs, about thailand, Buddhism and more over she is an excellent cook! Also we had the pleasure to have some time to chat with Agneska. The lady in charge. We really enjoyed our chats in the afternoon and to hear how passionate she is for this project and how much knowledge she has about dogs and their needs. Once again thank you all for the great time an we hope to see you again!

Feedback from Valentin & Coline 2022

We had an incredible experience!
We were several volunteers who organize themselves to do morning shifts (8am-12pm) or afternoon shifts (4pm-8pm).
Nancy teaches us the first days with the dogs (food, medicine, walks…) and then we were independent.
We have all the necessary comfort, a bedroom and a bathroom and two scooters are even let for free this experience is so enriching and the island of koh Chang is incredible (sea, mountain, jungle)
Thank you to the team for their welcome and all the good times shared together we will miss the dogs very much !

Feedback from Estefania & Pedro 2022

It was a wonderful experience, surrounded by happy people, respectful and dedicated 100% to animals, we learned a lot in this place, in the same way that we were able to rest and be surrounded by nature, if you like animals this is the perfect place to be surrounded For them, being able to share time and caresses, give them a bath and also their medicine. you can go to the beach with them or just play right there… our time there was very pleasant and very peaceful, thanks to the whole team, we wish you the best from our hearts and hope to see you in Spain one day! kisses to all the puppies 🙂 🙂 🙂

Feedback from Virgil & Melissa 2022

Koh Chang was the most incredible experience. Virgil and I immediately fell in love with the dogs and loved seeing how each day more of them got comfortable with us. We loved learning about each dog and what they needed and liked. By the end, we had at least 3 or 4 dogs sleeping in our bed every night! My favorite moments were waking up and being greeted with tons of wet kisses and playful pups nibbling on me and wanting pets.
The workload was exactly what was expected, about 4 to 5 hours a day of feeding, giving medication, cleaning poo, taking the dogs for walks and to the beach, and playing with them. I appreciated that scheduling was planned ahead so we knew what was expected of us. It was so rewarding when the dog you cared for started to get better, eat more, or trust you. Our hearts were exploding with happiness and love.
The work the team does for these pups is heartbreakingly admirable, and we are so grateful to have been a part of it. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and communicative. It’s so obvious how committed to the cause they are, how hard they work, and how determined they are to make these animals have a better life through health, nutrition, and love.
We were so impressed with the accommodation, a modern house that’s cleaned every day. It’s in a beautiful location nestled away in an idyllic jungle corner with views of mountains. The mangos and bananas from the backyard were delicious. We were able to use a motorbike, have clean drinking water at the house, use the washing machine, and use the kitchen. The island is beautiful and one entire side is almost undeveloped jungle. There are tons of beaches to explore and because of Covid, there aren’t many people on the island right now.
We are exhausted from the work but feel so fulfilled. We wish we could adopt them all! We will miss the dogs and the team so much and are beyond grateful for this experience and for the important work does.

Feedback from Lili 2022

What a great experience to live and work in this sanctuary for a bit more than a month. Even though it is definetly rigorous work it is very enjoyable. Learning to know the dogs and being be able to help them be better with humans or themselves is very rewarding. I was able to ask as many questions as i wanted about what the medicines were for, how the dogs became sick, whats the best food for which dog since Kaya and Agneska were always happy to give me the answers. You develop real consciousness for taking care of them and find yourself wanting to spend time with them outside the work hours which is gonna be a must sometimes in spontaneous maybe emergency situations. It is a very enjoyable place but if you are not ready to give from yourself maybe it is better to find a another host. 🙂

Feedback from Kathrin 2022

This was an absolutely amazing opportunity to get to live in the jungle with 20+ wonderful dogs. The dogs are absolutely wonderful and I fell in love with each and every one of them and their unique personalities. This isn’t an easy workaway, but it certainly is one of the most rewarding opportunities I have had. The hosts are lovely and understanding people and made my experience special, and even helped me renew my visa so I could stay longer, and ended up staying for 6 weeks. Koh Chang is a gorgeous and underrated island, and there is so much to do, see, and explore. If you are a traveler looking for a long term stay with meaningful work in and love animals then helpoint is the place for you!

Feedback from Christina and Nerea 2021

We just have good words to describe this wonderful animal unique experience in a beautiful place in the middle of the jungle.
We stayed in help point during nearly one month and now we understand why is important to stay at least three weeks because otherwise you don’t get to know the dogs, their routines and above all get confident with them. We would like to point out that this is a safe place for sick, old or rough street circumstances dogs. As a consequence all of them have special care at help point. We felt fullfilled as they taught us how to manage their special needs and medications. We were delighted to spend time not only with the animals but also with the hosts who became our family there.They made us feel as a part of a lovely community and we are so grateful that we were able to share this experience with all of them. Plus they showed us everything we needed to know and visit around Koh Chang Island and we had a really great time over there. They also provide us motorbikes to move around the island even for our free time We absolutely recommend this experience if you love animals, if you want to learn animal care and If you want be part of a family. Thank you for everything ☺️☺️

Feedback from Dennis 2021

It was a big big pleasure and amazing experience to help at Animal Voice in Koh Chang. The Location is very comfortable for all the help needed animals, in my time most dogs. The Team and the Stuff included the clinic Team is super nice, special tanks to Agnes and Kaja who had lovely acceptance and hospitality.
My part was to socialice with the dogs, help them feeding and go for walks with them. Most i miss EMMA, my small lovely little Girl. Rosso, Adam, Rossa, Mamma, Violet, and many more of all these beautiful dogs i spent my time with made my time on Koh Chang soo much better.
I volunteered for around 1,5 weeks.

Definetly i will go back the next Time when i´m back in Thailand.

The pictures were painted by our volunteers and will always remind us of them

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