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MEdical Care

Dr. Tookta Wipavee
18/49 Moo 4
Koh Chang
Trat 23170

Phone: 0827141582

Open: Daily 10.00 am -18.30 pm – Please make an appointment – CLOSED AT TUESDAY!

The veterinary clinic KOH CHANG ANIMAL CLINIC covers a wide range of specialties. (X-ray, Blood analyze) They TAKE CARE of the HELATH  of dogs, cats, zoo and pets around the clock.

The personal relationship with  patients and their owners is important. The WELL-BEJING of all animal has top PRIORITY.


Dr. Tookta wipavee

Licensed Clinical

The KOH CHANG ANIMAL CLINIC is the only clinic in Koh Chang run and managed by a STATE-APPROVED VETERINARIAN Dr. Tookta Wipavee.

Dr. Tooktas Clinic is INDIPENDENT but we love to work with her. She is the vet we TRUST.

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The strays of Koh Chang need your help

Help the Koh Chang Animal Clinic to help sick Animals who need medical care and have no one who pays for them. 

Dr. Tookta Wipavee is THE OWNER of the KOH CHANG ANIMAL CLINIC.

If you want to spay/neuter or vaccinate against rabbies street dogs or cats and do not have the necessary financial means, Animal Welfare Koh Chang will help you unbureaucratically.

Animal Welfare Koh Chang